TemperCharge Travel Mug


Keep your beverage the perfect temperature for up to 2 straight hours with this travel tumbler. While your coffee or tea stays warm, keep your phone charged at the same time with the built-in Qi charger. Simply place your smartphone on the charging pad to top up your device. Hand wash only.

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We received a BBTEK Smart Travel Mug
How do we wash it? There were no instructions.

How to use your speaker

Charged Up

To charge your speaker, open the back flap and insert the USB Micro Charging Cable into the DC IN port.

Then plug into any USB charger.

The Red LED will illuminate during charging and will turn off when completed.

8 hours of playback

Never again

have to be without your favorite music. Whether you're singing in the shower, cleaning the house, or just relaxing with friends, this portable, waterproof speaker with up to 8 hours of playback will always be by your side.

Making and Receiving Phone Calls


When the unit is connected and parked to your device, the unit allows you to make or receive phone calls with it's build-in microphone.

Press the arrow/phone button to accept a call.

To end a call press the arrow/phone button again.

To reject a call, press and hold the play/phone button for 2 seconds.


Feel That Bass

Listen to music, lead a conference call or hear the voice of an old friend, with precision.