Eclipse Wireless Earbuds


With exceptional sound quality and extended battery life, these earbuds are ideal for taking your tunes on the go. 10 hours of playing time, water & sweat resistant, and a 30 foot wireless working range give you the flexibility you need on your next run. 

How To Pair Using Bluetooth: 

  1. Pull on the tab on the side to open your case. Make sure they are charged before using.
  2. To enter pairing mode, press and hold the MFB button (outside circle of the earbud) until blue and red lights start blinking alternately. Activate the wireless function on your mobile phone and select “bbtek” from the list of available devices.
  3. Once the connection is successful, the blue light on the headset will blink and the earbuds will say "connected."
What's Included

BBTEK Eclipse Wireless Earbuds

Additional Ear Tips

USB-C to USB Cable

User Guide

User Guide

Global Sourcing

We collaborate with hundreds of prestigious brands

Custom Packaging

Our custom packaging options are unrivaled


Leave the heavy lifting to us.

hands free

Truly wireless connection

With a 30 foot wireless working range, these earbuds give you the flexibility you need on your next phone call, workout, or jam session.

workout proof

Water and sweat resistant

Workout with confidence knowing your Eclipse Wireless Earbuds can withstand even the most intense sessions.

daily staple

10 hours of use

The Eclipse Wireless Earbuds will be your new daily go-to. With 10 hours of play time, you'll be able to take work phone calls and meetings, get a workout in at the gym, and commute back home off of one charge.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Joshy m
why did my company buy us these

These are terrible. Uncomfortable plastic, pairs inconsistently, and how do they die in the charging case?

$20 headphones sound better than these

Got these headphones gifted to me from my company and they have awful quality. The sound clips at even quiet volumes. You better off with $20 headphones from the airport than these things. These headphones are a complete scam.

not at that price !!!

pairing works well
sound is very thin, extremely low base
not worth 200$ +

Ebony Edwards

They do not pair. These are terrible.

Carolyn Hanington
Very Large Earbuds

I have difficulty with these earbuds because they are so large. My teenage son gave them to me because he couldn't keep them in his ears either. They drop out all the time... very frustrating. I've had other products and not had this issue at all. Otherwise, they have pretty good sound but do not have noise canceling. I will be purchasing another brand as soon as I can afford it.